Friday, June 3, 2011

Bee's Wax Polish

I found this recipe at Plain and Joyful Living
This polish is non-toxic and food grade quality which means you can use it to periodically seal all of your wooden spoons, bowls, or as a furniture polish.

Gather together 1 ounce of beeswax and cut into small pieces, 8 ounces of olive oil (about 1 cup) and essential oils if desired (lemon or lavender work well).

In a double boiler (we used a can in a pot of boiling water), add the beeswax pieces and melt. To this add the 4 ounces of olive oil and turn the heat to medium-low. Continue to heat until the wax and oil are blended. If desired add 2 - 4 drops of essential oil.

Pour into a clean jar and cap.

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