Saturday, January 22, 2011

world community service project

We have learned of a project to build houses in Haiti. I am proud to know Connie M. a friend at work who is retired and does alot of medical mission work by going to Haiti with her church.  I feel it is important for the kids to learn to help others in need. The rainy season is coming and many people are still living in tents so everyting they own gets wet.Each house costs $2,000.00 US dollars to build. The houses are very small 6ft by 9ft with a cement foundation, wood walls, tin roofs, a window and a door. All the materials must be shipped in to the island. I think it is a reasonable goal for the kids to raise enough money to build one house for another family in Haiti.  The kids all have agreed.
So far we have collected on day 1
couch cushion change and moms honey jar we have $9.00
+ Cam put in $12.21 from her savings.
+ Pitty-Pat put in $2.89 from her piggy bank
+Tippy-toe put in $0.15 from his savings
+Laundry room change jar


We brainstormed and came up with these ideas to raise more money
Sell candy bars
Take back pop cans/pop can drive
Bake sale
Sell candles

If anyone reads this and wants to help or also build a house please contact me and I will send you Connie's and the church info. I can't publish it until I ask her permission.

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