Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Great Birthday Getaway Surprise!

     Aaron took me away for my birthday this weekend. It was a picture perfect escape. I was so surprised. Aaron came home at 330pm Friday with a babysitter and a dog-sitter. He had been planning this for a while I am told. We went to Soaring Eagle Casino in Mt Pleasant. I have always wanted to stay there since it was built but it is out of my price range and I don't gamble. It was wonderful.
     We had a giant jacuzzi tub in our room and Aaron brought romantic music and a cd player. It was snowing these big fluffy snow flakes, like we were in a snow globe. We walked around and looked at all the history displays inside. I gambled away my free $20.00 birthday money from the casino. We ate at the buffet. Then we just watched tv  from the bed in our room. Totally romantic. I slept so good. I want to redo the bedroom at home  like a hotel suite.
     I love the enormous fireplace in the lobby it is the perfect place from which to people watch. Aaron brushed the snow and let the car warm up while I sat by the fire in the morning. It was so good to get away together and recharge my batteries.

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