Monday, December 6, 2010

peppermint cookie play dough

I put peppermint extract in this months plain white play dough. They loved it. It occupied them for an hour today after lunch. Little-man really enjoyed this activity. I taught him how to roll snakes. It was so cute! play dough is such good learning fun, practicing both Sensory and motor skills. It also stretches their little imaginations and they work alone on their own dough so pitty-pat isn't bossing tippy-toe. We are really focusing on tippy-toe learning to act on his own not under the force of big sis. She has gotten him in alot of trouble lately making bad choices and telling him to do things he knows is wrong. It was a survival for them but it needs to be nipped in the bud before she pulls him into real trouble and he blindly does her bidding.

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  1. Hey mom finally got my comments to work so I'll probably go back and comment on your olds one too. I loved seeing you guys the other day.