Saturday, April 28, 2012

Super Garage Sale finds

So many good books at $0.10 to $1.00 each so many I can't count. Baby clothes for Alijah. and little toys to send him too.A shape matching set for 1 to 1 correspondence for Little-man was just $1.00.  Two tins one Peter Rabbit and One birds nests for storing  unit studies $0.25 each. One wooden box with four spaces divided out for sorting $0.25.One large beanie bear $1.00. Peg puzzles several in a bag $1.00. Old wooden heart shaped step stool $0.50. Electric blanket that plugs into the car $5.00. 1940's Charm bracelet $3.00. ( on ebay one of the charms sold for $26.00 today) Stainless steel restaurant cooking spoons and utensils $5.00 for a large handful. The kids had fun picking out their purchases and making change. (Don't tell them that is math and life skills Yes we did do homeschooling today after all They thought they got  a day off! ) We had lunch at McDonald's and they got to play with Peggy's girls as we all Garage "Sailed" together. (So much for socialization, the kids were all very well behaved).

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