Sunday, March 4, 2012

What do we do all day?

We got a pack of Wildlife Fact File cards in the mail. Pitty-pat has been fascinated all day. So I went down into my homeschool storage and dug out the 3 ring binder of the same set of cards that L.H. my coworker gave me a few months back. Her boys had out grown them years ago so she was kind enough to give them to us.  Pitty-pat has sat on the sofa and looked at them all day. It has given us the opportunity to talk about all kinds of animals and where they live. I think I will order a new set as the one we have is not complete. Glad we got to try them before we bought them. Don't tell her it's school science. She thinks we don't "do" enough school. I think learning should be fun and spontaneous. It definately should be interest led.

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