Friday, January 27, 2012


I attended a Spiritual Care Seminar at work for health care professionals. I immediately found that mindfulness was the name for what I was trying to do all on my own for Tippy-toe and his anger issues. I am going to develop my own "therapy-play" with a mindfulness emphasis. Since there isn't a therapist nearby that specializes in RAD and taking the kids to just any therapist that isn't trained to deal with RAD could have devastating consequences those 27 college credits in psychology have come in handy making me become a parent with informed drive and a specialization in RAD. I am going to try ABC yoga for kids, and some meditation exercises to help Tippy-toe with his anger outbursts. When I got Tippy-toe his only and ever emotion was anger. He has grown so much and blossomed but anger is still his first emotional reaction to everything, even happy things. I think we can use mindfulness more in our "therapy" in an organized way. I have been teaching him breathing exercises and using calming music and body wiggles. Now we have a label for our type of play therapy.
If you are interested in the speaker  I heard she is Elana Rosenbaum at out of the University of Mass.

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