Saturday, September 10, 2011

home living skills

Spent today canning tomatoes and making some fresh tomato sauce. Now I am peeling and cooking apples in the crock pot for "baby sauce" as the older kids used to call it. My secret you ask? Well the best "baby sauce" I ever made was pear not apple...I was given alot of pears and the kids didn't like them so my mother and I made apple sauce out of them... which the kids couldn't get enough of it. I didn't tell Aimee until today. I couldn't see all those pears going to waste just because they didn't like pears. I love my pretty red jars of tomatoes and can't wait until the beige-brown apple sauce, and dark brown apple butter soon join them on my pantry shelf tomorrow. Pity-pat washed all the tomatoes, Cam peeled them, I scalded and cooked them and then processed them. I miss my mom today. Cam talked about how she remembered canning tomatoes with Grandma.

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