Thursday, August 12, 2010

Music Life Lessons

Each year I buy one of the kids a mystery instrument for Christmas and challenge them to learn both what it is and how to play it. Some we have had in the past are an all-metal clarinet,a mystery harp that remains mysterious, a marching xylophone, a violin, and a guitar. At the flea market today I found a Kalimba (African thumb piano) for $10.00, who would like this for Christmas this year???? Aaron can play several instruments, Jessi plays at viola and clarinet, Aimee plays 7 kinds -- Saxophones, flutes, piano, and the guitar(but some are variations of the same), Taylor plays clarinet, Camryn plays piano and guitar, Pitty-pat and Tippy-toe not enough time yet but like to make noise, and my 2 year old Little-man plays his toy xylophone rather well every morning at 6 am. I also have several rythym instruments for the little ones which we get out from time to time. They love to make a joyful noise. I am tone deaf so I play piano badly. I don't know where my kids get the musical talents. I think they should all be encouraged to try as many as I can afford and find. Tippy-toe can make it work so I think he will get the instrument. We brought it in and showed it to them so no surprise this time. I love this holiday tradition.

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  1. You forgot that I can play percussion instruments too, I played the gong, the chimes, the xylophone etc whenever we didn't have enough people to cover them in school too!